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Bomb Canada Now??? ( that RCMP Angst)

Well it appears that the Evil Canadianists are at it again
An inquiry concluded that the information — which suggested Arar had ties to al-Qaida — likely led the U.S. to deport him to his native Syria where he was tortured.

Opposition critics have been demanding Zaccardelli’s resignation. Harper said Tuesday that the government would examine the facts and respond “in a manner that is objective, professional and dispassionate.”
His performance left opposition MPs howling for his resignation, and even Conservative members expressed disbelief at the new version of events.

At issue is when the commissioner first learned that the RCMP had passed erroneous information to U.S. authorities wrongly describing Arar as an Islamic extremist with suspected terrorist ties.

Zaccardelli indicated in testimony on Sept. 28 that he knew of that mistake shortly after Arar was deported by the Americans to Damascus, where he was tortured into false confessions of terrorist activity.

But he was unable to offer an explanation of why he didn’t go public to set things right, or brief the Liberal government of the day on the matter.

[ cf Zaccardelli resigns ]
Well there you have it!!!!

They really should be BOMBED because the Canadianists FORCED us to send an innocent man to Syria, a nation we really dispise, to torture him there, so that we could stop the Syrian's from attacking us with Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Clearly we MUST start bombing Canada to keep them from Forcing us to go on Torturing!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Clearly it is not his fault that he needs more Powers to Torture More And More And More People, Everywhere, because some of them Might be the very sort of Canadianists who have been forcing us to Keep On Torturing People To Stop The Canadianists From Forcing us to Torture More People!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR Part to Torture Potential Canadianists so as to Stop Them From Forcing Us to Torture More People???
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