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More Liberal Comedy About The holy crusade

Brushing aside questions about Robert Gates' past involvement in the Iran-Contra debacle, and ignoring his role in the funneling of intelligence to Saddam during the Iraq/Iran war, and overcoming their own hesitance 15 years ago to advance him to the position of CIA director, the Senate Armed Forces Committee voted unanimously for the former analyst to replace the primary architect of every aspect of Bush's military muckraking abroad and assume responsibility for Rumsfeld's war against Iraq, effective with the anticipated vote of the full Senate later this week.
[ cf Mr. Gates' War ]
Ok, so there are some rough parts in Gates' Past...

But think of the Market Opportunities Here!!!!

We can now sell military intelligence to anyone willing to pay Cash Dollars For it!!!!

We can move forward in a new round of Arms For Hostages, and More Progess of Progression!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Clearly his new SecDef is not going to be one more Defeatist Cut and Runner like Rumsfeld, who was not willing to stay the course to course the Stay!!!

Are YOU doing Your Part To STAY the course so that the Apocalypse Arrives On Time???
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