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Black Robed Judicial Tyrannts Kontinue Evil War On America!!!

Patriotic All American Sent Me a Heads up On
The Supreme Court rejected the government’s interpretation of immigration law on Tuesday, ruling that a noncitizen is not subject to mandatory deportation for a drug crime that, while a felony in the state where the crime was prosecuted, is only a misdemeanor under federal law.

The 8-to-1 decision restored to one category of immigrants, caught in the nearly impenetrable maze where immigration law and criminal law meet, the ability to avoid automatic deportation and the other dire consequences of being guilty of an “aggravated felony.”

The category is made up of immigrants convicted of simple drug possession in states that treat those offenses as felonies. Federal law treats possession in most instances as a misdemeanor. But in the government’s view, possession when deemed a felony under state law became a “drug trafficking crime,” which under federal immigration law is an “aggravated felony” that strips an immigrant of the right to seek relief from automatic deportation, to seek asylum, or ever to return legally to the United States.

[ cf Court Rejects Interpretation of Immigration Drug Law ]
Once Again The Evil Doing Black Robed Judical Tyrannts come out OPPOSED to God's Divine Law!!! And seek ton once again raise up the Law Of Man Over The Law Of The Divine Will as laid out in the Argument From Intelligent Design, which of course accepts that any crime can be considered a Felony if there is a need to consider it a felony for reasons of National Security!!!

Thus opposing Great Leader IS a Felony if it was thought that the opposition to Great Leader SHOULD have been a felony for reasons of National Security, and to oppose this is to align one's self with Terror And Demonic Possession By Satanic Cults!!!!

One SOOO has got to respect the Brilliance of Justice Clarence Thomas's Sole Dissent against the Radical Left Wing Extremists
“without doubt, Congress could have written the definition with this limitation, but it did not.”
Well that SHOULD punish the Evil Doing Evil Doers and their Radical Left Wing Extremists On the bench!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Greaet Leader KNOWS that none of this has anything to do with him, as it is not like a War President, doing God's Divine Will is in anyway obliged to constrain the Mandate Of Heaven by mere acts of Man!!!! Clearly if Congress, Or GOD, had meant it otherwise, then they would have written those limitations into the definitions of the Divine WIll Of A War President!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR Part To Uphold The Divine Will???
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