drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Evil Mojo Misses it By That Much....

Basically I like the general text of Mojo's Most Recent Entry in the
Win the Fancy I'm With Teh_St00pid Dress Wet T-Shirt Contest
in his rant St00pidest Things Ever Said... Act VII (oh God, make them stop edition) but he fails to deal with the True Truthiness:
Oh I just hate to say this, but Roman Catholics are not really a part of Our White Christian America, so yes, you are just one more God Hating Liberal Mojo...

I know that there was this trendy chic leftist liberal thing about accepting Roman Catholics that came about with JFK, but you have to remember that the whole Democrats For Nixon Clique, headed by ronald reagan, have run into the republican party as THE CHRISTIANISTS who have embarked upon the one true and only True Christian Restoration, so you Leftist Leaning Liberals will just have to be burned on the Stake For Being Evil Doing Evil Doers, Who are Evil, and Doing, And ERS!!!
Oh why oh why are more folks not keeping track of the Truer Truthiness of the whole Christian Restorationist Movement, and it's Christianist Radical Front End???

I mean, yes, I understand that for so many victims of the Evil Liberal Public School Education System that now considers Negroes, Jews, Roman Catholics, Slavs, The French, Persons From The Mediteranian States, Persons From Asia, to be, well, Persons, just like Unborn Persons, but was that REALLY the Position of the Founding Fathers??? Nope.

So these UnPersons really need to start working out why exactly A New And Improved Family Values White Christian America really needs their types around??? Do we really need a full on restoration of Slavery, which not only the Bible Supports, But which the founding Father's Accepted as the Natural State of Things....

All Hail Great Leaderer!!! For he has always been doing the Will Of God!!!!
Tags: religion, war

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