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America May Fall To The Americans, and American Law....

Be afraid!!!! The New And Improved Booga Booga is that there may well be a day coming where americans may be held liable for their actions!!! And that the Americans May Impose American Law On Americans....
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, who runs the giant agency that keeps track of threats to the United States, has shared what he calls his “chilling vision” of the future – a time when U.S. government actions might be constrained by international law.

Chertoff outlined his nightmare scenario in a Nov. 17 speech to the Federalist Society, an organization of right-wing lawyers who spearheaded the legal arguments for granting President George W. Bush authority unbound by any law, including the constitutional rights of Americans.

But the focus of Chertoff’s warning was that the United States is under growing pressure from legal scholars and the world community to comply with international law, especially on war crimes and humane treatment of detainees in the “war on terror.”
“The Supreme Court has begun to bring it through cases like Hamdan,” a reference to Hamdan v. Rumsfeld in which the high court cited the Geneva Conventions in ruling that hundreds of suspects being held without charges at Guantanamo Bay had legal rights.

[ cf Chertoff's 'Chilling Vision' ]
Oh My GOD!!!!

Has the NATION fallen to such levels that they actually believe that the Rulings of The US Supreme Court are about actual american law, and wouldd in some way be obligatory on Americans!!!!

I mean what NEXT???

Where Will IT ALL END!!!!!

Can anyone seriously be considering a precess of Americanization, that would leave america in the hands of Americans????

All Hail Great Leader!!! For He has yet to be bothered by any of the positions of Law that were taken by anything other than the TV Actresses who were like such Hot Babes On like LA Law where it was Like All Hot Legal Law On Law Action!!!!

Oh Yeah!!!!
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