drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

War? What War????

Is it just me, or are the rest of you just sooooo tired of the whining from the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets who are paniking because they think that there is some war some place, and that some how that could impact their life styles. I mean, get realistic!!!!

If one were to be a Nattering Nahbob Of Negativism, like the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppet, then one would read this report very negatively:
Robert Gates, the man nominated by President George W. Bush to be his defense secretary, said Tuesday that he did not believe the United States was winning the war in Iraq, that he expected U.S. troops to remain there for a "long time" but in far smaller numbers, and that a serious mishandling of Iraq could lead to a "regional conflagration."
[ cf U.S. not winning the war in Iraq, says Pentagon nominee ]
Or One Can BE OPTOMISTIC about the reporting!!!!

Finally some one in the government is starting to help the evil liberal media types understand that the current efforts to restore the wetlands in iraq is NOT about a 'war', but about helping to restore the wetlands in Iraq!!! So of course the negative way to say that, is to say that the war that does not exist is not winable, because of course since it does not exist, it can not be won!!! If there were a war in Iraq, and america were involved in it, then winability would be an iSSUe!!!! But there is no war, so there is no Issue!!!!

All Hail Great Leadere!!! For he has never been confused about how well the Mission Acccomplished Dance went over as the media dahling favorite of the excited types who were so pleased to have been a part of the Drum Beaters for war, even if there was no war, and never has been any war, and that this is not some failed nation building exercise, since it is not about nation building, but about restoring the wetlands, which is what it has always been about even if the Reality Based Community with their fetish for a linear notion of time are still wrong about their fundamental metaphysical speculations which great leader has always shown was always wrong and a complete failure under the cleaer and compellinger proof of the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!!!
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