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Will The NYT's Komrade Kristol Be Doing Rehab soon???

The Freaks over at Media Matter Note:
In his December 3 New York Times column (subscription required), Nicholas D. Kristof condemned the "fundamentalist" writings of atheists such as Oxford University professor Richard Dawkins and author Sam Harris, claiming that "the tone of this Charge of the Atheist Brigade is often just as intolerant -- and mean" as that of Christian conservatives. Kristof concluded his column by claiming that "the Christian Right has largely retreated from the culture wars," adding that he hopes "that the Atheist Left doesn't revive them." Kristof provided no support for his assertion. Nor did he explain how it squares with recent actions by Christian conservative leaders.
[ cf NY Times' Kristof: "Christian Right has largely retreated from the culture wars" ]

What happened to Traditional Family Values????

I mean back in the Day, Franny Freak Always advised, when one blew a Jamaican Gunboat that size, that one:
Toke, and Pass to the Right!!!
So yes, just because the VOCHAS appear to have kapitulated, as the kapitulationists appeasers that they have always been, to the rise of the Sinister and Evil Nancy Pelosi Regime, is no reason that folks should suddenly ABANDON traditional family values...

I think that more americans should make open inqueries to American Pravda to see when exactly they were putting Komrade Gruppen Leader Kristof into Rehab to help him with his little Stoney Burn Out Moments!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For lo, he has no memories of whether or not he inhaled, and so is not bothered with how burned out any of his memories of the Hey Days of Heroics when he and the rest of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp once saved America from those Really Ikky Yukky Gross Monster Big Bug Thingies and Stuff, that had been threatening to throw like these really big rocks from like the Bugs Home Planet on like the far side of like the Galaxy, uh like Dude....

You Know! Like Totally!!!
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