drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Media Matter Brutally Fixated By Linear Time Line

I mean what SORT of Pro-Al-Qaeda FruitBat would assume that the notion of a Linear Time Line, once the Pet Intellectual Cause Celebre Of the Evil Liberal Metaphysicians from the EVIL Failed Liberal Culture of the prer-911 Kultur, was still an acceptable idea in these New And Improved and more Family Friendly times!!!

But here is the Vicious And Brutal Fixxation with Linear Time:
Summary: In introducing her interview with Rep. Frank Wolf, National Public Radio's Deborah Amos stated that, after his 2005 trip to Iraq, Wolf "decided the [Iraq] war was not going well," and "came up with the idea for an independent panel to analyze U.S. policy," which "became the Baker-Hamilton Study Group." In fact, shortly after his return, Wolf wrote an official trip report and an op-ed in which he stressed that "real progress is being made [in Iraq], despite the ongoing security concerns."
[ cf Rep. Wolf's '05 Iraq report and op-ed undermined NPR claim that Wolf "decided" then that war "not going well" ]
I mean WHAT NEXT????

That these FREAKS will always demand that 2005 occurred before 2006, ALWAYS!!!! I mean Hello!!!! What sort of Drugs are folks on if they think that our society can continue to Go On Always Winning the WhateverOnWhomever IF we are forced to retain ONLY a Linear Time Line of events, in which things occur in a specific order, and subsequent times can not simply re-order them when it becomes more Poitically Expedient to adjust the time line to meet the Needs Of The National Security Apparatus!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has never been brutalized by any notion of linearity, even when he has tried to walk a straight line....
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