drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What WAS I thinking about???

Ok, so today, I get up, I move on through the typical bizNiz part of sorting out the Child Support Checks, and before actually settling in to sign the check and stuff them in the envelops - one to the Reagan Era Bureaucratic Bloat-o-rama of the Child Support Enforcement Act - that was the Reagan Era's Donation to Welfare For Hetroes - and the other to the mother of the children, where the money is actually needed, I get the call!!!! Ah yes, minor shift in plan....

The Call yesterday, where I called in response to her Email of Friday, had left things in their normal play, this time, it was CHANGE OF PLANS, "please do the wire transfer..." and I laugh. I get through my shower, fill out the letter the CSEA, to make the Democrats For Nixon FruitBats who Came Fumbling Forward as the Reaganites, feel, well, like they had done their part in the Cold War to stop the Asteroids From Klendathu!

Then on the way to the bank, it hit me, part of what remains fundamentally STOOPID in all of this is that we remain, ceterus parabus, just the typical story of A Boy, A Girl, An Evil Empire, And a WHOLE BUNCH OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!! Oh how romantic.....

I mean, what was I thinking about????

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