drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

UnHoly Defeatist Cut And Runner!!! (TheWhineyStockBlogs)

I am SHOCKED!!!! Just SHOCKED!!! to read:
Prior to the 2004 presidential elections, the Department of Homeland Security regularly issued warnings of imminent terrorist attacks. These warnings often correlated with low poll numbers; they probably scared people, and they certainly cost the government money due to additional police and other protection. But it was never clear to me how real these warnings were so I am not sure whether to be thankful for the benefits of government vigilance or jaded by it because of the false warnings.

Yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security warned of attacks this month on stock trading and bank web sites. Anonymous sources suggested that a group calling itself "ANHIAR al-Dollar" is calling for Denial of Service attacks "to avenge 'Muslim brothers in the crusaders' Guantanamo prison camp.'" But this warning came with a special warning label of its own -- "the threat was unconfirmed and seemed to pose no immediate danger."

[ cf Is Homeland Security crying wolf again? ]

Just absolutely SHOCKING that so obvious a stab in the back of our valiant fighting forces who are at this very moment working on what new and improved family values oriented methodologies will be brought to bear against the Evil Demonic Forces who are forcing the value of the US Dollar Lower as a part of the Evil Satanic Cult Ritualists Evil Liberal Support Of The Evil Nancy Pelosi as a part of the whole Monolthic Godless Gay HomoZeXual Monica Lewinsky Plot to destroy Marriage and White Christian American Family Values!!!

Can there be any doubt that now more than ever we must BOMB CANADA!!!!

You Know!!!! To Keep America American!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has been keeping america american no matter how evil and ugly the evil liberals have turned that nation into a land of defeatist cut and runners who can accept the abandonment of the troops by Dope Smoking Hippie Anti-War Types like Donald Rumsfeld who so clearly stabbed our troops in the back by not Fully Supporting Great Leaders Greatness!!!
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