drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Getting Out In Front Of The Stabbed In The Back Meme...

It is sooooo comical how the WackJobs are working the new variation on the theme, this time blaming both the american voters and the iraqi's for stabbing GreatLeader in the back.....

WOW!!! Now that has got to sell!!!!! Once upon a time, back in the 90's, NeoCons felt like a Persecuted minority who were being brutally repressed!!!!! Then they came to power, and felt more repressed!!! Then they Got Dubya!!! and still felt brutally repressed!!! They had their Mission Accomplished Danced!!! and felt even more repressed by all of the kewl kids....

Now that they have lost control of both houses of congress, it is clear that they have once again been stabbed in the back by the very same people who have always repressed them....

What if americans were to start helping them get past their Cult Of The Lost Cause????
Tags: war

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