drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of Exit Strategies....

Some here are old enough to answer the question,
Where were you when the radio reported that saigon had fallen?
so the interesting question before the crowd is whether the current administration has enough tallent to get a decent interval between the troop draw down, and the embassy staff cuts and runs for their lives....

Or are americans hoping that some how majikally we can just hold on, and conduct a fighting retreat out of Iraq??? Which will allow americans to expand their legacy of "lost cause" cultural moments, and how it is more important to deal with the 'stab in the back', and yada-yada-yada rather than sober up and address the actual flow of history.

The biggest tragedy of the last five years remains the unpleasantry of the 'pro-war' crowd always finding excuses for why they are still in the rear with the beer.... Yes, I can agree, someone had to protect us from the threat of Nancy Pelosi... And once again they have done such a lovely job at that too....

So what are the real lessons that americans think they are bringing to this discussion???
Tags: war

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