drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

But ARE we winning the war at home???

Some may have noticed that the US Government, on top of apologizing, donated $2 Million American Tax Payer Dollars, because the american government failed to heed the advice of the Spanish Police Investigating the Madrid bombing, and opted to embark upon a little domestic terrorism, you know for the fun of it all.

Glenn Greenwald had the fun entry The Bush administration and denial of habeas corpus and due process rights which rudely reminds americans about the Evils of the authoritarian groupies from back when it was fashionable to 'pile on' in denouncing anyone who was not one of them....

Folks may also take the time to stroll onto the next article Rule of Law 101 and Neoconservatism where he gets all wonky about that Wild And Crazy idea that violating the law is, well, criminal....

WOW, what next??? Demanding that American Law Be Legal In America????

All Hail Great Leader!!!!! For he has never really taken american law seriously, since he prefers his shaken, over ice, and with a twist.
Tags: war
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