drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DO the victims of chickenhawk angst remain so fearful?

One of my friends forwarded to me Guest Blogging where we see the same old dog and pony show about how one has to blindly support the president or one is on the side of evil.

So why are the victims of chickenhawk angst still FEARFUL of living in an actual free republic where they can openly deal with what actually happend in the course of the last few years. Yes, I understand, that all of the victims of chickenhawk angst had no idea how many countries we were 'at war with' on 09/10/2001, and feel all so guilty that they were no more constructively engaged then than they are now. That they remain in the rear with the beer, hoping that no one will call them on their 'cowardice in the face of the enemy in a time of war'.

But why are they so fearful?

It's not like there is a draft. It's not like congress has actually declared war, and that the full strength of the state can be brought down upon them for their crimes.... So why not get mellow? The current administration has no more 'authority' from congress than Bill Clinton Had, so it's not like there is anything they really have to worry about. American's had an impeachment trial while the nation was "at war" - and nothing bad happened - unless, well, gosh, one were to say that the attack on 09/11/2001 was a part of an enemy emboldened because the civilian population in american had so openly offered aid and comfort to the enemy by their failure to support the president to support the troops....

WOW! that has got to be a lot of GUILT for the so called 'conservatives' out there who are scuttling behind the skirts of 'warriors' like Private Lynde English...

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