drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Civil or UnCivil War, is that really the question????

Currently the Evil Liberal Media is trying to blame everyone else for considering the events in iraq as a 'civil war', in an effort to make it sound as if things in Iraq are not all swiming and wonderful!!! So Some Evil Liberals are debating whether or not to refer to is as a 'civil war'.

But let us be reasonable, the real question is whether or not this is a 'war' at all to begin with.

What really makes it a 'war'???? That this time around there are More Dead, Maimed, and Wounded american troops, than the last time around??? Is that really what makes 'war' of mere killing???

Or is the really scary thought here that we should be MORE AFRAID as we learn what the real 'wag the dog' moment has been in this administration, that is clearly more 'whatEver!!!' than in the last administration....

So shouldn't we first resolve if WE are 'more@war' - and from there move onto whether or not we need to 'win the war' or 'win the peace'? And in that context work out if we want to restore the Peace Time Draft, so that the government can have enough boots to go to Iraq to help restore the Iraqi Wetlands, that have been so clearly destroyed by Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! and Then we might want to work out why we are limiting our 'eco-terrorist' policies of restoring wetlands to merely iraq - and not to the neighboring Syria, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and ....

All Hail Great Leader!!! For his daughters are willing to stay the course in Buenos Aries, knowing full well that they risk the growing threat that asteroids from Klendathu might more likely close out their vacation on that battle front, than the state department's concern about the grotesque damage done to the national Honor!!!!! Since Staying The Course IS the only Course of Action!!!! EVER!!!!!
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