drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Damn Defeatists Cut And Runnings In The Radical Left Wing Extremists Press!!!

Oh dear, and now the home of Komrade Michelle "to the death camps" Malkin we get this heinous spews:
Is President Bush still the nation's commander in chief? Yes, he continues to return the salute when boarding Marine One, but it's a role he sometimes seems on the verge of abdicating.

He has left the question of troop levels in Iraq to the generals on the ground. Gen. George W. Casey Jr. told Bush a few months ago that they would wait and see how Iraq looked after Ramadan, which ended in late October. Well, Iraq looked worse. Now the administration seems to want to wait to see the conclusions of the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group or one of its internal reviews of Iraq policy before making any new departures. In the meantime, Iraq looks still worse. As the administration waits, Iraq burns.

[ cf Bush adrift ]

It is just SHOCKING that anyone should be so OPENLY anti-american!!! and failing to support the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! Remember when that was once considered grounds for Treason, which once meant more than that HanoiAnnie Coulter was all angry at God because she didn't get to have a Penis, and that her daddy wasted all that money sending her to college rather than getting her a dowery so she could get married!!!!

Oh what ever ARE the VOCHAS going to do these days as their Great Cult Of Personality Collapses around their heads and they are still not at all sure how to be the Great War Heroes like their Much Beloved Great War Heroes Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh!!!

And to think that once upon a time these Snivelling Whinners had the gumption to question our patriotism when we asked them
Why Iraq?
Why Now???
as if some how their Christianist Blind Belief In Great Leader was some valid alternative for a rational argument.

So, yeah, All Hail Great Leader!!!! For he has stayed the course, give or take the drifting and meandering, for lo he has delivered the DEAD, MAIMED and WOUNDED GI's that are needed so that the TrooBeWeevers[dm] can get wood, and maybe get laid, rather than merely getting splinters in their hands and demanding that they get Purple Heart License Plates for their valiant war efforts!!!
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