drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Is the middle east really worse off than five years ago???

Given the commitment to protect Iraq from the Growing Threat of not only Iranian Flying Saucers, and asteroids hurled from klendathu!!! Can anyone really doubt that the President's Brilliant Agricultural Concern about restoring the wetlands in Iraq has not only made the middle east a whole lot safer!!!!

But EVERYONE is safer from giant arachnids attacking innocent blonde blue eyed white christian virgin teenage cheerleader girls!!!!

But do the Evil Liberals EVER ONCE MENTION that there has not been one Giant Arachnid From Outspace Deflowering an innocent blonde blue eyed white christian virgin teenage cheerleader girls!!!! Ever Since The President's Bold Environmental Moves In Iraq!!!!! Of Course Not!!! Liberals Are EVIL and want Huge Giant Space Alien Monster To Come Down and DESTROY our White Christian America!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he has kept us safe from the space aliens, and iranian flying saucers, and the sort of dust bunny monsters that hide in the corner of the closet and can grow into towering beast creatures that Eat Sheeboygan!!!!
Tags: war

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