drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Casino Royale - Movie Review

Ok, so I had to go see this because my dear friend is off the official position that the new Bond is EyeCandy. WhatEver.

This is clearly not the classical tale ( from 1967 ) told with Peter Sellers, David Nivens, and Woody Allen, instead the story seems to be based upon a character that actually appreared in a Novel by some obscure writer called Ian Fleming, about a novice WetWorker in the British Directorate of Operations, based upon chaps this Ian Fleming fellow had know from the old days, back when SOE did not stand for School Of Evangelism.

So the comedy is a bit rye, that is shaken, and not stired.

Definitely worth seeing in the Cinema, if you like movies based upon obscure writers who formerly worked in the trade and do not understand the importance of creating cloying characters who have no sense of reality about them...
Tags: movie_review

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