drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

So What ARE Veterans Suppose to Look Like?

Ok, which One of my American Liberal Friends is gonna step up to the plate and explain this Skank To Moi?

Clearly there are a lot of americans who start out with, 'but you do not look like a....' and then have to get past the fact that there were vets who came back from military style operations over the last fifty odd years since Ronald Reagan got divorced that have looked like everything from Country Joe McDonald through Collin Powell....

So What the Physck ARE we suppose to look like as some sort of homogenous indistinguishable group of TheyThemThoseGuys[dm] whom the civilian scum like to suck up to in their idol worshipping moment, and then run screaming into the night when we don't live up to which ever of their Pop Culture Ideological Allignment Issues they thought that of course all of us were suppose to Support....

So Give It Up HomeBoys.

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