drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Real Professional Holy Wars Against The Evil Doing Evil Doers.

I don't mean to be disparaging about my dear friend dr_strych9 and his occasion snit and snivelling about co-workers and the struggle of the post-industrial age marxianist wankers. But one really needs to take the problems of Real Live Honest To God InterOffice Warfare with a much less anachronistic vision of how it should be done.

This morning one of our fine contractors was raising issues and concerns about the Most Beautiful, Divine, and Holy Platform, that I have been typing my little fingers to the bleeding stumps to develop for him. And it became apparent that I am inclined to note that there are proper ways of solving issues and there are ways that lead to the Burning Sulphurous Pits of Cleveland - at which point I did have to explain to him that there are places where they send you if you just do not have the moral fortitude and fiber to be roasted alive in burning sulphourous pits of gehena. This was of course all a part of the whole on going lament I was in the middle of about how software persons these days are no longer being raised up into the One True And Holy Faith and the MORAL OBLIGATION to appropriately understand medieval herasy trials, so as to know which side of the Mannichean Herasy they belong on. We of course are on the side of spirit, and truth, and light, and hardware perKin, are as we all know, a part of the Manifestation of Darkness And Evil that is the full on horrors of the physical world where they have abandoned the True Spirit, and TRUTH, and the True Light.

Needless to say the fine young man who is working on the SNMP stuff is trying ever so to make it useful, knowing that myself and that dapper young dasher working with the NMS system have these little ISSUES with how that code has been, well, enmeshed in the apostasy of the Carnal World Of LIBERALISM and Evil Doing Evil Doers. At which point I have tried, HONEST, I have tried to help them all understand that there are some things worth doing, and others, well, those ways lead to the less than happy times. He of course also gets rip sawed because one of his coder customers believes in waiting for traps from SNMP agents, and one of his coder customers takes the general position that we are not the sort of persons who just hangs around on the telephone waiting for that one special call..... I mean get real, we did CBGB's, we did that whole 'hanging on the telephone' blondie punk new age new wave thing. But I mean that is like so Last Century.

What I like most about the whole SNMP idea is the parts of it that are slowly but surely devolving into becoming OLTP Lite for people who just are not able to screw up their nevers and actually get transactional about it all. They of course probably have some way deep seated overly unresolved left over sixties issues abbout the "I am Ok, You're Ok" Transactional Pop Psycho Babble Analysis groupies who then devolved into Full On NeoConClownCarCrewCranks with their in your face attitude that they are OK and YOU are in League with the Cloven Hoved Demonic Lord of the Burning Sulpherous Pits of Cleveland where Joan Jett still Rules amongst the Evilest of Evil Doers.

So as I noted to my co-worker, I am all in favor of his getting GONZO about the idea of needing that part of the next SNMP version that will allow the snmp client to notifiy the SNMP Agent that they are NOT some Cheap Hussy Harlot who will just wait around for a trap, and that adopting this more Family Values Based Approach to Trap MANAGEMENT will help put the Dubya Back into Wmas, and bring Home the Big WIN for all true Believers. I noted to his manager, that I so do not need to sit up one more night in my life with and snmp client crying in it's beer about
He Never Calls Me Any More!
It's all just so cheap and Disgusting. He's Willing to GET HIS NEEDS satisfied, but then he tells me to wait for some Trap... And He NEVER Calls Me Any More! What does he think I am, some little Trap Tramp????
You know what I mean, those annoying late night calls, when the snmp client is just all a twitter and a tissy because some trap just never came...

Which I guess is better than letting one's snmp client decide to get a whole bunch of body piercings, a weird hair cut, and start hanging out with dope smoking drug addled Rock Star Wannabe's playing some NeoPostSuRealistGoth stuff about the gloom and doom and horror of it all. That is like such a truly ugly sight. I mean after a while that starts leaking around the office and everything just goes to Cleaveland. I mean you try to check in code to the Source Code Control system and it replies "stuff it meat popcicle!" And the router starts flashing "off the Freaking Oxygen Sucking Carbon Based Life Forms!"

SOOO Not a pretty sight if you know what I mean.

Which of course is why it is so important to NIP these little TRAGEDIES in the Bud as soon as you can before things Get WAY out of hand.

So one really should not engage in mere 'office politics' when one can step up to the plate and CRY HAVOC and Let Loose The Dogs of Holy Crusade Upon the Apostate And Unbelievers!!!


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