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Should there be a congress or court system in a time of What Ever.....

I get to blame haineux for having found:
As Yoo describes it, the other branches need to step out of the way when it comes to fighting wars: only the Executive Branch is competent in this arena, and any restrictions on its authority imposed by Congress or the courts are unwise if not unconstitutional.
[ cf New Legal Strategy to Fight the GWOT? ]
Hum.... Hey kids, why not cut to the chase.....

Why is the Nation More At War Now??? Than during the Clinton Administartion??? And that at a Legal Level??? Did congress grant More Majikal Powers to the presidency than ever before??? Or could it be that it has been more politically expedient to have a 'warThingiePooh' than ever before.

Now IF the nation were "at war" - you know, with the sort of legal specificity that we normally associate with things Like WWI and WWII, and not with say the War On Literacy, and The War On The Bare Breasts of Lady Liberty and/or Lady Justice, who need to be put behind a cloak so as to not have to watch what Horrors are done in their name....

Ok, I should also note that one of the comments on the Volokh blog noted that Bi-Partisan is a term used when there is a need to difuse blame, which in this case means helping to protect Dubya from being held personally responsible for all of those Signing Documents he has signed in the last five years!!!

The tragedy here is that we are suppose to be rethinking how to 'win the war on terrorism' - and this from a WaPo article with the comedy
Let me recount an analogy. I remember a day back in 1986, when I was working for the Senate Armed Services Committee. An intelligence officer told me that the Navy had just recovered a Soviet sonobuoy and, in taking it apart for intelligence assessment, our government had discovered an American-designed computer chip -- one that we had not yet even certified for production in our own systems. The Soviet Union clearly had superior intelligence and counterintelligence capabilities.
[ cf A Better Way to Fight Terrorism ]

Would this be the WRONGEST TIME to mention that there is this fundamental defect in the "FreeMarketeers" little fun filled, "The Free Market Won the cold war" chant, that, well, gosh, reminds us also about the Excitement of The Wonder Years Of Enron....

Ah yes, here is the majik pill
But these did not make the Soviets strong enough to overcome their fundamental flaw. In fact, they were doomed because their whole social construct was built on a lie. America and its allies were victorious because they embraced transcendent government values of freedom, liberty, accountability and transparency. Our ideals and their practice brought hope to millions around the world and drew our allies closer to us.
( op cit )
Go Team VENTURE^H^H^H^H^H^H^H America!!!

Now remind me again, I am suppose to be taking these Stoners Serious For Which Religious, or Drug Addled Reasons????

Or is that the Core Problem with the Mythological
President Bush was right to say that the previous framework of international legal norms did not anticipate al-Qaeda-type combatants. But the administration failed to follow through to lead the world to a new legal framework. And the policies that led to Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib, secret renditions and warrantless wiretaps have undermined America's towering moral authority.
( op cit )
oh dear, oh dear....

The whole world radically changed, majikally, from the first time the WTC was attacked...

By how??? or in what way....

Maybe if folks read the article, and tried not to puke on their boots, they might find that majikal moment....

Maybe there is a critical need to get past some of the bare bones fallacious desperration, and back to dealing with the real world????

All Hail Great Leader!!! For it is not his fault if the Military Under Rumsfeld accidentally inserted troops into the wrong countries, it's not Dubya's Fault that there are some bad apples in the DOD and the NSC, AND THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!
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