drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

America Held Hostage, Week Two....

Is it just me, or were you too expecting, well, you know, something Bigger!!! Something Far More Impressive!!! Something Bold and Daring!!!

I mean for the last five years now the VOCHAS have been pandering that they are here to protect us from fifth columnists and the defeatists.

But WHERE ARE THEY???? You know, the Great War Heroes, without an actual military service, and/or at least active service in one of the official american government run ParaMilitary Forces, which in theory are not operating CONUS against Americans.... Hum??? Where are they??? The DARK THREAT of Nancy Pelosi in a brutal and vicious cat Fight with Hitlary And Her RadFemiSurfNazi's tooo scary a thought for the ToyBoys who consider themselves the Gladiators of HanoiAnnie Coulter, because she is their Type of RealMAN[tm]!!!

Aren't The VOCHAS suppose to be rising up to protect us from the Growing Defeatists Sentiment of Radical Left Wing Extremists!!! The Sort of Moral Flith And Preversion like Rush Limbaugh, "who feels liberated by the democratic victory", and is, well, gosh, one of those Radical Left Wing Anti-War Types who never even got around to registering to VOTE until picked on by the Evil Liberal Media!!!

Maybe if we sing, they will come!!! So Sing It with me
Oh Where, Oh Where is My VOCHAS today?
Oh where, Oh Where can They Be!!!
With Their Head Hung Down,
and their tails between their Knees,
Oh Wherer, Oh Where Casn They Be!!!

( sung to the tune of 'were is my doggie', in honor of their Doggie Style Pile Ons)
Maybe now they will come to our rescue???

I mean, who can forget how excited americans were when Ronald Reagan was the President Elect, and everyone KNEW that the new day in america would mean winning the War Against Iran.... And everyone was SO EXCITED that this time we were going to be allowed to Win!!!!! But did the americans join in the Holy Crusade Against Iran??? Or did we just abandon the Iraqi's to that quest.....

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For Who Can Question His Divine Military Billiance!!!!
Tags: vochas, war

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