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What it took to get Dubya To Vietnam

President Bush and other leaders gathering in Vietnam this week must urge political reform and avoid handing Hanoi's communist government a propaganda coup, exile activists said Thursday.

Bush, the second U.S. president to visit post-war Vietnam, was due to fly into Hanoi Friday for the annual Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.
Vietnam exiles who have set up political parties among the 1.2 million U.S. residents of Vietnamese descent said they were apprehensive that the APEC summit and recent gestures by Washington would bolster the government but not advance political liberalization in the one-party state.

“It appears that the Vietnamese government is gaining a lot while giving up very little,” said Diem Do, chairman of the Vietnam Reform Party, a California-based group with chapters in Europe and Asia and supporters within Vietnam.

[ cf Vietnam gov't foes in U.S. wary as Bush visits Hanoi ]
Ah Yes, now we get it...

After leading his political party into the grand fiasco, it is time to visit Vietnam, and share the Glories of Authoritarian Rule!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! Once he was afraid of Barbarella as the NVA's AAA Pin Up Girl!!! Now he understands the importance of a little Hanoi Media Propoganda Moment to Rally the Authoritarian Cause to The Glories of His YouthFul Military Glorious, When He Was As Gloriously Military as He Is To DAY!!!
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