drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

IraqiIzation Advanceing.

WOW! The Senate Passed a Resolution requesting that the White House keep it abreast of ThatIraqiThingiePoo and the process of turning over the military like stuff to the Iraqi Armed Forces....

GOSH! Now there is Progress!

Under the failed Old pre-9/11 mindset, the white house was required to continually report on the process of the american armed forces deployed into hostile fire payzone regions, and that Congress would allow the White House to continue the process of maintaining american armed forces deployed into hostile fire payzone regions.

Gosh, what Next? Congress will have to resolve whether the Constitutional Process would require that Congress either declare war, or what?

Or is this formalization of the Informing about the Iraqi-ization of Iraq a prelude to the 'cambodian gambit' where we will need to liberate countries in the general area as a part of protecting the troops who are still in the hostile fire payzone region? And will this mean an incursion into Syria as that would be a simpler nation to attack than say Iran? Or are we planning to get really 'traditional' and decide that we need to liberate Kuwait, and restore it as the 19th Province of Iraq, so that the people of Kuwait will get the opportunity to be a part of a Free Society that allows elections and an integration into the global economy..... I mean at times it is not easy to remember which is the more 'unresolved set of issues' that the current administration and their bedfellows are trying to work out. That Vietnam Experience? Or What Daddy SHOULD have done...

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