drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Small Technical Apology.

It is one thing to support the political wackNeff of say punditslash and the obligatory HetBoy Political Posturing of Scaring the Living DayLights out of wackJobs by presenting them in gay rentBoy Fictions. But this also means that we need to make sure folks do not get bogged down in certain ideological wakkiNeff.

So first things first, yes, I get it that today Milton Friedman passed into History. But let us be honest, He was OK, when he was limiting himself to his field of expertise of Economics, but as he wandered off the deep end becoming the kult Icon of the "democrats for nixon" crowd who have always hated america, and actual fiscally conservative republicans, and those who actually served in the armed forces. So I would hope that those in the economics field who have some sympathy for the man as a person can understand that at times one has to Poke Back for all of the evil that has been done in his name.

I would also like to make it very clear that I have nothing against rentBoys, since, hey, a girls gotta eat you know. Personally I think it would be in the best interests of the industry to unionize, and to look for the Union Label!!! But that is simply my support for unions as a better solution in the long run than Guilds, and what can I say, that old school tie respect for what the I.W.W. could have done had the Whining Snivellers, of both the wackJob Left and Right, taken the time to pull their collective heads out of their colllective Methane Ports and considered the Utility of an Oxygen Rich Environment that their species normally lives in.

{ is this the part where I make a clear and compelling distinction between the Collectivist Deviationalists Of The Stalinist Revisionist Kult of Personality as the failed degeneracy and say a Co-op approach???? }

Also as I see it, there is this nagging scary thought in all of this - it is probably easier for most folks to do the Booga-Booga of BaBa O'Reilly of FauxNews in some Gay RentBoy Fantasy novel. Which I think is almost more polite, in the old chivalric tradition of protecting innocent women and children, since would one REALLY want to concieve of BaBa O'Reilly trying to make it on his own as a Practicing HeteroSeXual???

The Idea of his working with a rentGirl, who has a Union Label, and helps him deal with his need for a dominitrix to punish him because he has been a naughty boy, is so patently obvious, that it was a self writing snake oil patent medicine that is now stuck in some museum some where collecting dust. But to posit some sort of DEMONIC HORROR that would alledge a 'meaningful relationship' - sorry, that is just beyond the pale, and too totally irrational an idea to consider.

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For he does not need any sexual identification issues to establish his masculinity, since he daily gets the Wood that comes from the Blood Of DEAD, Maimed, and Wounded American GI's who have become the victims of a Failed Domestic Political Policy of helping those who can not get wood by any other means!!!

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