drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Beck Backs Bonkers....

I mean one has so got to respect this level of open Genoicidal WannaBeIsm!!!!
On November 15, during his one-hour CNN Headline News special titled "Exposed: The Extremist Agenda," Glenn Beck described as "surprising" a letter by Islamic Society of Nevada director Aslam Abdullah criticizing Al Qaeda in Iraq. The reason it is surprising, according to Beck? Because "the man who wrote it is a Muslim." Abdullah criticized Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Hamza al-Muhajer for "abandon[ing] God" and accused the leaders of Al Qaeda of "hid[ing] in your caves and behind the faces of civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq." Beck began the program "by airing some unbelievable propaganda used by extremists," and he pledged to devote the hour to those who "use religion to justify their hatred."
[ cf Beck characterized letter criticizing Al Qaeda as "surprising," because "the man who wrote it is a Muslim" ]
Holy Crusaders Unite!!!!

Anyone who is not one of us is in league with Them!!!! Thus they can not speak truth like the True Believers!!! Thus we must Stay The Course, but with More Troops!!! So that we can go on winning the WinningNeff!!!

Would this be the wrong part of the discussion to remind Hate Mongers like Beck that there are Muslims in the American Armed Forces defending his right to Hate America, Americans, And The Very American Troops Defending His Personal Liberties to be a Hate Monger....

Or would that be too close to asking these Hate Mongers to work out "why do they hate america?"

All Hail Great Leader!!! Because at no point has he ever wanted to change from Staying The Course, but with More Troops, and in more Countries with More Killing And Maiming For Jesus so that the Liberated Lands will be able to have the luxuries of life under White Christian Americanism just like Jesus would have wanted!!!
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