drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

And The Liberals Wake Up And Smell The Coffee.

I feel sort of sad for Digby, since he seems to just be waking up to the reality of americana ( cf The Conservative Consensus ) since it really IS coming as a surprise to him, or so it seems, that the whole Holy Crusade of the last 40 years, ever since LBJ signed off on the Civil Rights Act, and 'lost the south for a generation', has been about finally winninng the second, or maybe if all else fails, the 3rd American Civil War.

The tragedy here is that for most americans they have been AWOL from the war in america for america.

It is a sad, sad, sad tragedy that they have been out playing at other issues, such as their Pet Rock Collection....

I would seriously recommend that folks take a waltz through Digby's Take, and get ready to sort out if you are willing to do your part to win the actual "war" - or is it time to keep on wondering if Britany Spear's Sex Tape will be cooler than whom ever was the last one....

It may take more than a few media hype moments to get america back.

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For no level of Commitment has been left unadvocated, while dodging out on the actualities.
Tags: war

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