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UnHoly Kapitulationsist Appeasers!!!

The heads of the three U.S. automakers pressed President George W. Bush to take action on the Japanese yen, saying the currency is artificially low. The executives said Bush doesn't share their view.

The companies have a ``strong conviction the Japanese yen is systemically undervalued, which helps them to maintain significant trade balance surpluses in our industry,'' General Motors Corp. Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner told reporters at the White House after the meeting. ``I can't honestly say the president 100 percent saw it that way.''

``The currency issue is very high on the list at GM,'' said David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Michigan. ``It's probably not something that's going to get a lot of attention from the administration.''

[ cf Detroit's Automakers Press Bush for Action on Yen ]
Well there is some good news in that.

It beats the snot out of yesterday's propoganda about how Unions are bad and the cause of how the Big 3 are not doing so gooder.

But let us be honest, what exactly should the president do??? I mean how many times can we Nuke Japan to try and get those folks to undetsand that Jesus Gave Us Nukes to protect our White Christian American Way Of Life!!!!! So should we just nuke them, the japense not the car makers, again and help them remember the importance of remember how it was the Americans who rescued them when the Iranian Flying Saucers were Attacking.....

Or should americans ask themselves if there were a republican government in power, and the issue was about creating a competative corporation that would be able to meet the "kyoto accord standards" that are required of cars being sold in Anti-AmericaLand where they are not As American As Americans!!! Then would that republican regime explain about the types and natures of things that occur in an open market system that are important to both the survival of the open market system, but also rewards the efficient and decent players in that system.

Ah yes, what if there had been a Republican Regime In Power for the last six years???

Hum... What if the importance of Global Economics, Open Market Policies, and the likes had been a part of the whole National Security Agenda... Unlike, oh, I don't know, the Black Scarf Wearing Anarcho-Syndicalists who are oppose to Global Economic Realities, Hate the Open Market, and want the NannyState to Rule The Cosmos....

Oh yes, All Hail Great Leader!!!! Because at no time has he ever worried about the political consequences of holding mutually exclusive propositions, since there is absolutely no chance that such would lead to his head exploding....

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