drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Still Gloriously Winning The Wars They Avoided...

God but I so love the College Republicans. I Mean they are so the living embodiment of Cute!!! The Freaks over at the Rag For The George Washington University have this lovely Pictorial On Bringing Down The Wall. Oh how Cute!!! How CUTE!!! CUTE!!! CUTE!!!!

Absolutely Cuddly Wuddly!!!!

Just think how exciting it must be to be some College Republican Hiding OUT in an institution of Higher Learning, and then pontificating about one's Massive Poseur Posture about one's Commitment To An Ideology that allows one to speaking about the importance of things out of one side of one's mouth while Hiding In College!!!!

Hum.... I wonder how many of these Brilliant College Republicans are old enough to remember the piddling match about say Bill Clinton, the draft dodger, who opted to hide out in college, both at home and abroad, while the Troops Were Winning The War.....

I wonder what sort of interesting stories we will hear about how Heroic These Young College Republicans were, as the US Army Issues out over 13,600 Exemptions to allow under qualified, and in unpleasantly too many cases, NeoNazi's to take their places and go over ans serve in Iraq, while they are Here In The Rear showing the veterans community how committed they are to their rhetorical devices!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For he has brought us a new crop of College Republicans who are long on rhetoric and really good at avoiding any actual personal responsiblity for any of their action....
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