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Unholy Defeatist Cut And Runner!!!

Well Talk About Stabbing The Troops In The Back!!! By Not Supporting The President!!!
Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld has dropped plans to join President George W. Bush at a NATO summit this month in Latvia, in light of his announced resignation, a Rumsfeld spokesman said Monday.

The Pentagon will instead be represented at the meeting by Eric Edelman, the undersecretary of defense for policy, according to Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. Karen Finn. Other officials had said earlier Monday that Gordon England, the deputy secretary of defense, might fill in for Rumsfeld at the summit meeting.
The Pentagon has refused to release the letter of resignation that Rumsfeld submitted to Bush. Ruff said Rumsfeld did not mind if the White House released it. At the White House, spokesman Gordon Johndroe said there was no plan to release it.
On the day Bush announced Gates as his choice to replace Rumsfeld, Gates called England and asked him to remain as the No. 2 at the Pentagon, according to an official who discussed the matter on condition of anonymity. England agreed to stay for an indefinite period, the official said.

Other senior Pentagon officials, however, are expected to leave. None has publicly announced a departure plan.

[ cf Rumsfeld cancels plan to join Bush at NATO summit in Europe ]

Cancelled??? How did rummy find himself in a place where he has to cancel plans made???? And this with avoiding the matter of how Rummy Wrote His Resignation???? Hello???? What is this sudden modesty???

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For He Has ALWAYS stood behind those who have decided to jump in front of the on coming train wreck!!!!
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