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And This Means What???

President George W. Bush on Monday rejected new calls for direct talks with the Iranian government on the crisis in Iraq or other matters, saying that if Tehran wanted direct negotiations it must first halt its uranium enrichment activities. If it does not, he said, it should face economic isolation.
[ cf Bush rejects calls to talk with Tehran ]
Did He REALLY???

Has the president actually stepped back from TOTAL VICTORY OVER IRAN in the most holyiest of Holy Crusades against Iranian Flying Saucers???

Or is the Evil Liberal Media, once again, under reporting the calls for Total War For Total Victory!!! As they did back in 2002/2003 when they misinterpretted the president's discussions about a diplomatic solution for restoring the Iraqi Wetlands as the Mere Drum Beating Of War Like Stuff.

All Hail Great Leader!!!!! For Great Leader Means Exacly What He Is Finally Willing To Risk Standing Near, Towards, Or About, With Regards To What May Well Have Been What He Could Have Sounded Like He Had Said, at least as long as one or more of his father's friends are still holding his hand.
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