drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

What The GOP May Want To Learn....

I am pleased by KOS's crank Memo to every Democrat since it makes it unpleasantly clear that the Republicans may want to run on a platform of being in favor of something, rather than hoping that they should or could run against the Klintons.

Who knows, Republicans may actually find that a refreshing Thought.

In an interesting Change Of Pace:
On Saturday, the president and Mrs. Bush will place a wreath in honor of fallen veterans at Arlington National Cemetery.
[ cf VOA: Bush Awards Medal of Honor ]
It is so pleasing that this year the President will be attending the traditonal role of the CIC of laying a wreath in honor of OUR Fallen Dead, rather than sending Dear Old Dick, because he was out campaigning for his Interesting Political Positions.

One wonders what would have happened if the President had remembered the oldest of Military Maxims
Take Care Of Your Troops And Your Troops Will Take Care Of You
it might have helped his political party, and his crony's. But it might have meant putting the Nations Business above mere Domestic Political Pandering.

Ah Yes, excuse me if I ask this question again,
What IF America Had Been Attacked?
would so many republicans have been more interested in supporting the president to support the Troops??? Or would they have been more concerned as Troopers that the President was "DRIFTING!"

All Hail Great Leader!!!!! For he has not had enough live ammo in his hand to threaten his foot!!!

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