drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Should There Be A New Realism In The USofA???

I was somewhat frightened by the Comedians who put together The new realism on Iraq where our friends at the Guardian are off on that Laugh Riot about how majikally there is going to be this new day, because of a shift from the Cheney-Rumsfeld Axis. WOW.

We are suppose to buy into the Majik Wonder of the Baker-Gates-Rice Troika, as the progress is progressive moment as the Father is alledged to have taken his boy out behind the Shed for a well deserved Spanking. I really would love to believe this, were it not for the other horrors that have been wandering around. Like Friedman's Whine that the problem was that Dubya went into Iraq on the Cheap, rather than going in with enough troops to take the place.

But where is that third option, the one that says we do not need to invade countries because the president is not getting a Woodie. Someone might introduce the President to the many other ways one works out those little issues other than accidentally invading countries.

What makes all of this even more pathetic is the ongoing HORRROR that the Evil Liberal Media, the San Jose Merc, is still Whining about the Death of Pat Tillman. The special saunce in this round of massed comedy is that the current American Military Investigation is having problems finding the shooters. Both those still ON ACTIVE DUTY as well as the ones that have been, MIRACLES OF MIRACLES, released from active duty.

One has to wonder why is that??? Why is it that the Military can hold onto folks who do not want to be in Iraq, but, gosh, can misplace folks who might have to explain their role in killing an American Trooper.

Now I don't like to get too HARSH on our VOCHAS friends, you know the true heroes who have been protecting us, you know, from the Spores shot out of Klandathu that could turn into Large Arachnids and Take Over Everything!!! But for all of the cranking about 'respecting the troops' it is interesting how Silent they have been on this subject. For all of their Pious Love of the Specialist New Case, which, here on the nearly sixth anniversary, has yet been able to get the new CIC to overturn the conviction of the US MILITARY COURT, from the Clinton Era!!!

Why is it that the VOCHAS have since nice, neat, and politically motivated agenda items about Which Vets they want to Support More....

Could it be that they are going to have to work through some of the hard parts about what Realism is Real!!!

Hum... could the VOCHAS be a bit more worried now???

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