drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of The Job Stimulus Tax Cuts....

Hey kids, what if the economy did not need to add more jobs to lead to a recovery?

Would that mean that we could give up the job stimulus tax cuts that will sunshine out come 2010??? Or would allowing the Economy to live or die on it's own great resilliance, be, well, such a great leap of Faith, that, uh, we can not risk ever taking the Economy off of Life Support, because only those who Believe in total control of the economy by the central government can affirm the value of Life!!!


What if Republicans were to wake up, smell the coffee, and let the economy by economical? Why gosh, then we would get back to the process of working out what it was that we as a nation really wanted to pay for - once we had covered all of the Bad Debts from the Failed Stalinist Era.

Or is this just one more John Bolton Moment that Dubya is hoping that everyone will just accept that he is still a duffus, and we really should not pick on the handicapped, because, well, gosh, he meant well, even if his job stimulus tax cuts were not actually about stimulating job growth, and that with all of the posturing should have been killed off prior to the election so that we could have had a charge at the old balanced budget as a basis for explaining why folks should support Fiscally Responsible Republicans In Congress, and maybe even in the White House.

All Hail Great Leader!!! He has not yet lost any great Tax Cuts to the Horrors Of Fiscal Responsibility!!!

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