drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Building Based Upon Shared Values

It of course does not surprize me that Dubya actually thinks that pooshing Bolton on the UN will some how majikally work in the current arrangement.... It is also possible that once again the President WILL nominate Bolton to the UN as a recess nomination. This would be the sad and tragic end to a completely failed administration. But it would also tragically be well within the sort of 'character of the man' that has been the unpleasant shadow cast over the bright light of our shared american way of life.

This could also offer a chance for the Republicans to show the greatness of our Party by helping congress make the moves forward that are constitutionally required, and mandated, and are the tradition of Congress that MUST be upheld in the face of an Imperial Presidency!!! My hope is that Dubya is not so foolish as to pretend that he is simply some dumb frat boy who just didn't get it. But if he opts to keep playing the goofy guy, then it would be clearly time for Congress to do what Must Be Done.

The Real Challenge is how can we, as americans, rebuild that consensus that has been the center piece of our true american way of life. The is a role on both wings! For every great 'innovative idea' - there needs to be some worry wart who will niggle and whine, and kvetch, and offer up the balancing act to help refine the innovation as a part of New And Improved All American Way Of Traditionally Changing....

There are still 'evil doers' out there - overseas! who 'hate america' - but the same can be said of the folks back here CONUS!!! Some of those folks have made themselves known over the last five years as they have tried to destroy our Free Republic with their Authoritarian Appeals to a Totalitarian Police State!!! Their Mythological Failure to grasp the balancing act that has been the american way of a Citizens Military!!! With all of the strengths and weaknesses that such a system reprersents!!!! Over the next few months, and years, as we find ways to Irradicate This Enemey Within, we may also find the very "war winning strategy" that has been unavailble to the Mere WarMongering!!!

So what if we step back and start reviewing where we have been, and equally, where DO we want to go today???

Do we want to continue to live in Fear! and to call upon the NannyState to Protect Us from everything that goes Bump in the Dark? Or is there some clear and compelling alternative to "bomb canada" or which ever buzzPhrase becomes the rallying call of the next "five minute hate"!!!! What if americans were to take some time to wonder what did the phrase
The Courage Of Their Convictions!
once mean to a generation that once had to stand on their own, and do what had to be done when the threat was not merely that this or that building might get blown up!!! But that a Failure meant the full on Weapons Release with enough force to turn the planet into an inner asteroid belt.

What if the time has come for americans to return also to a time where every trooper carried a "field marshalls" baton, knowing full well their part in the over all process of the American Revolution!!! To understand that IF leadership does not start from within, then there will be no hope but the inevitable collapse into mere Totalitarian Authoritarianism!!! And we have watched that fiasco once again fail to deliver for americans!!!

When we wake up in the morning to do our "all hail great leader!" do we do it knowing that if and when the time comes, and history demands, that we will be willing to step up to the plate and take our turn!!!! To "swing the bat"...

What if, in the final analysis, we really do have nothing to fear, but fear itself!!!

And it is time for all americans to step up to the plate and show the level of leadership that has made this country a great nation!!!

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