drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

On Forming the ANP

I was amuse to watch the british courts clear the wankers in the BNP.

But it does open a lovely opportunity here - where we can offer the formerly CWOC the option of becoming members of the American Nationalist Party, where they get to dress up as "garritroopers" - too far forward to wear ties, and too far in the rear to worry about combat!!! Why yes, they could have lovely fun times getting together, having those Guy Bonding Moments, buffing and polishing their Shiney Leather Boots, with men who are men, about being men and American Men!!! And how American Nationalist Men are The Manliest Men In the World!!!

You know, some place where they will feel more at home, now that the DARK EVIL of the Republican Party falling to the Evil And Sinister Forces of Law and Order, and they of course want to bail out NOW!!! While our dear former Reagan SecNav is leading all of the "democrats for nixon" out of the land of Bondage Amongst the NeoConClownCarCrew.....

At which point we, the tweedy, old school tie types in the GOP can go back to being, well, the tweedy, old school tie types.

And for our ANP Friends As they March GLORIOUSLY TO TOTAL VICTORY over which ever imaginary threat their brand new imaginary weapons can imaginarily slew and slay,

All Hail Great Leader!!! For he had the Kinkiest Shiney Boots EVER!!!

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