drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

NeoCon v. CWOC - a basis to bomb canada???

One of the interersting, and totally irrelevant questions, is how exactly to define a NeoCon. But I will give props to jwgh for doing yeoman's work in tongedon's rant Bush's new approval rating since someone needs to work out What a NeoCon was, as well as what causes them, and can we create some sort of innoculation against them.

What concerns me more is the CWOC ( Conservatives Without Conscience - cf book by john dean of the same name ) since they are the really scary rat bastards!!! Since they will lie in your face, while waving the flag, challenging your Patriotism, and then running at the first sign that they might be personally held accountable for their poseur posture.

But gosh, golly, Gee Whiz... what if we were to go after the substance of the message??? rather than the messengers???

At which point the question really is not about Whom is a NeoCon, and/or how much are they more of a NeoCon than the other CWOC's who are more willing to be the Next Dixie Chicks than the other ones.... Instead the questions really become, what would be an apporpriate balance between the dialectical polls of americana???

Some may have forgotten that we are a land that cherishes both Tradition and Innovation!!! This is the sort of world where we are the inspiration for such madness as Samurai Champloo not to mention the Traditional SantaCon Visit to the Imperial Palace to wish the Emperor Well!!! Ask yourself, why is it that there are those CartmanEsque moments in FLCL, Hum??? Merely the typical Left Wing Extremists Dogma of The God Hating America Bashers???

Or could it be that there is a vibrancy in the openness of our actual american way of life that folks around the Globe Actually LIKE!!!

And that we do not have to keep on bombing them to make them our friends....

Granted, I would not wish to diswade anyone from the fun and excitement of PlayActing Dubya on The Deck Of The USS Abraham Lincoln, as it turned out to sea, so that the camaras were not able to see how close to San Diego it had come, and that gosh, maybe the whole End Zone Dance thing goes great in the Middle of a Gay Pride Parade, but well, maybe....

I mean go for It!!!

While you are at it, have you had your daily quota of

All Hail Great Leader!!! For His Mission Accomplished Banner Will Forever Wave As The Great Symbol Of His Greatness!!!

{ is this the wrong time to start talking about the 40+ year holy war that the CWOC have been involved in??? Or asking the same old fourty plus year old questions about why if they ran the last time, and we are suppose to grow up just like them, that we were suppose to stay behind them this time around... or would that be, well, dealing with the substance of issues, and not merely the rhetorical devices! }
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