drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of Dear Old Dick....

One has got to wonder why he has not taken this opportunity to advocate why we need more torturing, because it really is not that bad to be a nation known around the world for openly embracing Torture....

Meanwhile Back Over On The K-Street Schuffle, there is this piece from our friends,
Roll Call reports that hundreds of young Republicans will be thrown out of work and may have to file for unemployement benefits:
Unemployment benefits??!! Not when your country needs you! Even though Rummy is gone, there's plenty more fighting to do. Sign up here - sure, Iraq's not Capitol Hill, but it's a real chance for you young Republicans to make your mark! Sign up today!

[ cf A Chance To Make A Difference ]
Or Is Dear Old Dick forming his own Foreign Legion Corp????

Wouldn't that be Such A Dick???


All Hail Great Leader!!! For We Have Not Suffered From Any Asteroids Falling Upon Us Because of the Evil Liberals!!!
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