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Got TinFoil Hate Realism???

my friends over at the mojowire are looking at some fuggly world issues - one side is raising the MojoWire Tinfoil Hate Theatre, where amongst other things, is the grand comedy of Gleen Greenwald pompously trying to play act AS IF he were a conscerned bi-partisan pimp. Yeah Right.

Let us start with the first things first, this editorial came out in the Army Times which means that it IS setting an UNUSUAL PRECEDENCE in that it is calling for the removal of the Seated Civilian Overseer, and that in what many would prefer to think of as 'a time of war'. This is NEW MOVES COUNTRY!!! ( ht to IntelDump) I will agree that since the editorial staff of the "military review" family of tabloids are not Active Duty Military Personnel, that technically this is not as "scary" as some might present. The Grand Tragedy is that it has occurred.

{ for the NeoConClownCarCrew, please, grow the stones and call the Army Times 'traitors' and all of the rest of the dung Waddling that has been hurled by the Pro-Patria Brigade of VOCHAS. Please!!! Step Right Up There And BE ALL YOU CAN BE!!! }

What does tip in s9's favor that there IS a coup under way, in that the Military/ParaMilitary made it clear to the civilian leadership that the current voting process would allow for the votes to be voted and counted, is comically backed by Limbaugh's Brilliant Insight Limbaugh greets Democrats as liberators - one has to find the fun of Media Matters noting that.

Where I am less angst laden than s9 is the real politic of the Old School Tie Crew. Given the choice between sucking chest wounds and a gender affectionally approrpiate mammaries to play with - Sucking Chest Wound is NOT the first Choice!!! So having crawled over to the current place where there is this unpleasant growing threat that Congress may become obliged to uphold the American Constitution, well, Gosh...
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