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Negotiating a peace....

Originally I started writing out my sentiments on this with regards to some of the NeoConClownCarCrew whom I personally do not trust as persons. I do not trust these folks because of their absurd pro-war stand that they have maintained, as if war were both a mere football game, and that there was some majikal wand that separated the Good Americans from the bad americans.

The fundamental concern I have about them is that I worry that as Cowards, that they may well feel the need to engage in violence, as they feel the crushing weight of their guilt bury their rhetorical devices. My hope remains that as the very cowards that they have been, that they will just as easily avoid their own personal responsibility for what they have said and done, as they have for the last five years, and as such will majikally walk away as if nothing has happened.

This is not a rant about the allignment of forces overseas, but about the allignment of paramilitary forces here in the Good Old USofA.

The screaming IRONY is not mine!!! I am not the one who would be ironic to pose the rhetorical devices of the NeoConClownCarCrew from the 2000, 2002, and 2004 elections, over and against the rhetorical devices that we have watched in the 2006 election. I am not the one who has to live with all of that anti-dixie-chick 'support the president to support the troops' poseur posturing. So my central desirement here is that the NeoConClownCarCrew and their myriad of fawning fellow travellors learn to have at least the courage of their convictions and apologise for the violence that they are responsible for - in word, act and deed.

That would take the nation a long way to recovering from the Dark Night we have lived through!!!

The Dark Night of a rush for the Authoritarian Police State where the power of the state has been justified, as we have seen it, for the last five years, based upon nothing more than the Raw Desire For Power!!! The Dawn has clearly not yet arrived. But there is that growing glimmer of hope that as a nation we may be able to step back from that desire for torture, anytime, anywhere, on anyone, for any reason - simply as it might be able to make someone somewhere slightly safer.

As a nation we may learn that there is value in an actual Open And Transparent Market Model - rather that the distorted world of "no bid contracts" and the ongoing fiasco of "american dollar Hegomony" backed by nothing more than raw naked military power!!!

Who knows, we may even be able to step away from the need for an Apocalypse!!!

All that is required for this to begin is the willingness for americans to search for a negotiated Peace!!! First within themselves, and then with their fellow americans, and after that, who knows, we may be able to show the world what a pluralistic society can really be like!!! A Society in which there are those who 'think different' ( I blame my parents for my latent heterosexual tendencies - I mean my father bailed out of west point to go back to Penn State at the end of WWII, simply because Penn State had Co-Eds... ) as well as those who are commetted to the totality of singularized homogeneity.

There are far too many open issues that Still MUST be solved!!! But the challenge now, for americans, is whether they can find the courage of their convictions and step up to those Challenges, and the True Bright New Day In America!!!

Who knows, as the VOCHAS learn to deal with their guilt and the grand delta between their rhetorical posturing and where they were willing to actually go - they may be able to share that transition and process with folks around the world who are also trying to work out how to sound that committed to war-stuff, but without all of the actual violence and slaughtering!!!!

The tragedy before us is that the VOCHAS may yet find that they can not feel the love!! That they can not get past their own Guilt!!!! That they have no other exit, given all of their rhetorical posturing, but to consider all others as 'the enemy', and that they will follow the logic of their "but if you do not believe in God, what prevents you from becoming a mass murderer???" Which will so pathetically be a tragedy.

As for what prevents me from becoming a Mass Murderer - it remains simple
Say it LOUD and say it PROUD!!!

We're Here, Get Use To It!!!
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