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More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - The American Terrorist Kults

are YOU as SHOCKED as I am about
Facing a cranky American electorate and a mixed batch of polls, President George W. Bush made a last-minute campaign dash across the United States to help Republican candidates fighting to hold back a Democratic tide in today’s midterm elections.

But even as the White House took credit for boosting Republican fortunes in the final days of the campaign, Bush endured a political snub of the first order on Monday when the Republican candidate for governor in Florida refused to attend a rally the president organized on his behalf.

The decision by gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist — who is leading in Florida polls — to avoid the president underscored the political baggage Bush carries as Republicans try to hang on to their majorities in the House of Representatives, Senate and state governor offices.

Despite evidence Iraq poses the biggest threat to Republicans, Bush spent the final day of the campaign seeking to put Democrats on the defensive over the war.

[ cf Bush snubbed in Florida, analysts predict close U.S. races ]
Terrorism!!! Yes Terrorism Right here in River City!!! Terrorism, that starts with T and Rhyms with P, and Stands For Pool!!!

How can these so called Left Wing Radical Extremists Anti-War Activists Dress Up and Brutally Attack the President while Our Troops Are On The Bulwark Of Freedom!!! Butally And Viciously Attacking A President in a Time Of Transferring The Tax Liability Unto the Unborn!!!


Or are the NeoConClownCarCrew going to start choking on their Rhetorical Devices from the Great Times Of Wonder about how much they thought they had always supported Great Leader!!! You Know, to Support The Troops!!! So that they COULD AVOID ACTIVE MILITARY SERVICE and BE AS HEROICAL as their Great War Heroes Like Karl Rove!!!

Go Team NeoConClowns!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For Great Leader Has kept the VOCAHS Safe In The Rear With The Beer!!!!

Go Team NeoConClowns!!!!
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