drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Reasons to bomb Canada!!! - The Voter Clarification Project

Hey boys and girls, what better reason to bomb canada than the need to demonstrate to the world that while the Leftist Leaning Pinko, both ways, anti-war dope smoking morally degenerate NeoConClownCarCrew may be willing to stab Dubya in the back by trying to distance their ideological pretentions from the Clear and Compelling Evidence from the Argument By Design, doesn't mean that True Americans will abandon the President in this or any other election!!!! And more importantly that they are willing to do their Part to Support Only Those Candidates Who Say Their Hail Great Leaders At Night, remain pure at heart, and show no signs of Lycanthrope.

So yes boys and girls, do your part to Bomb Canada!!! Go to your Polling Place and learn which vote the Department of Homeland Security Needs Most!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!! For Great Leader doesn't Need no Stinking Badges!!! No Electoral Mandate. No Whining Adulation from the fickled Finger of the Party Faithless Whiners who are not willing to do their Part to stop the Iranian Flying Saucers.

All Hail Great Leader!!!!

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