drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

History Loves Irony???

Hum. The leftist leaning defeatist cut and runners, in the department of defense, would not allow one of the boys tagged in the Abu Graib Scandal return to the scene of the crime. But, on the B-Side of the News we GetOliver North in Nicaragua: The height of cynicism.....

Some days it just does not pay to give up the drug addiction racket to go into Mortguage Fraud....

All Hail Great Leader, Because at least no one thinks that he did anything bad or naughty, because it is possible that anyone with access to the level of details that were posted on the web might be able to get to a working nuclear bomb, ( US shuts govt 'bomb building' website</> ), if they skip over the parts from the Journal Of Irreproducable Results..... And as such this proves that Dollar Hegomony Will Always Rule With Great Leader!!!!

For Great Leader IS Great!!!

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