drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Same Is More Same When Different....

"We are working to better unify our political and military activities in the field," Ms. Rice said, citing the creation of three "provincial reconstruction teams," one in Mosul and two in other northern cities, Kirkuk and Hilla. In general, she said, the American objective was to "redefine the mission" toward more cooperation between military forces and the effort to rebuild the area.
[ cf pravda on the hudson ]
ok, so we are redefining the mission, does this mean that we are going to use new terms for the same old same old? Or is there going to be a redefinition of the mission, as in changing what has not worked for what will work?

You'd think that perchance there were some way to work out how getting American GI's Killed, Maimed and Wounded so that the draft dodging class could compensate for their lack of active duty time, were a gooder thing this time around than it had been the last time around. Or is that cutting too close to the BONE for the victims of chickenHawk angst to cope with...

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