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Why DO they hate Us????

It was clearly not the day to give up hard drinking, eh? On the down side there is the whole Meme floating around, that is ironic, watching a nice white guy with a straight face, trying to defend me, a vet, from the evils of John Kerry, a Vet, for what Kerry Said. WOW!!! I so love america, where their guilt over being in the rear with the beer is so stoney that they will do anything to defend the VOCHAS who failed to show up for their generations Greatest Of All Possible War ThingiePoohs...

Then dear old tongodeon hurls up the fur ball he calls The suicide of Alyssa R Peterson which gets a bit scary, where one of the writers talks about
a "non-combat weapons discharge" to the head.
Ah yes, those halcyon days, now long since lost....

You know, when the indictment of American Troops, by american troops, did not include "conspiracy to commit murder" against their own troopers as a part of the effort to cover up the other war crimes passed down in the indictment.

So these sorts of things are NOT at all reassuring in our current era, as the VOCHAS start down their 'why you should not pick on me' counter arguments that make active duty military service, rank, well, right up there with cleaning public toilets in public buildings.... Go parse your way through the unpleasantry of the VOCHAS as they try to create, as my friend S9 put it, the equivolancy, that will allow them to DUCK OUT on their obligation, as a part of the Social Contract, that sends some off to do Military Service. Which is really important to the VOCHAS, while they are working so hard on NOT having to go and follow their ideological rhetoric into Combat, and that as a part of a formal military service, and in particular as a member of the American Armed Force.

It is not at all clear whom this Capt Eric H. May really is, but it is interesting to rummage around and find interesting things like:
Last year the big scandal in the Houston-area recruiting racket was Sergeant Thomas Kelt, who threatened those he was recruiting with arrest if they didn't enlist into the Army, thereby giving a new meaning to "impressing potential recruits." l

This year the scandal has come back with a vengeance, with reports that the same recruiter who coerced the clueless last year, far from being removed from recruiting, has been promoted -- to be in charge of other recruiters.

[ cf The Hidden Draft in Our Schools ]
Hum... Hum... Hum...

And to think that we got some 13,600+ exemptions issues to get sub-standardard recruits into the American Army, to get some of that Army Strength, while our friends in the Young College Republicans were worrying about their social standing, and what it would mean to date a girl who would lie about which sorority she pledged....

Yeah, maybe today was not the day to give up on Hard Drinking.

Oh well, All Hail Great Leader, For Great Leader IS Great!!!
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