drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

There is no correlation, what ever, at al, NONE!!!

Just because Operation Falcon III, the Greatest And Biggest And Most Stupendous of All The Rounding Up Of All Evil Criminals, EVER!!! happened in the same context as the growing revelations that there are Persons in the Current Government who are making charges that there were efforts to topple the regime in Beirut, does not mean that these two things occurred in conjunction with each other!!!

Operation Falcon IV, V, and VI will of course be even More Glorious And More Most EverIst EVER!!!! and will include detaining terrorists who voted for the wrong political candidates.

So Remembere Boys And Girls!!! when You go to the Polls to learn from the State Security Apparatus which way you would have Voted, remember you are DOING YOUR PART to stop Communism!!!!

All Hail great Leader!!! For Great leader is Great!!!!

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