drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

vote the way you bayonetted....

As I am sure that All Right Thinking, God Fearing White Christian Americans will recall, in those dark days after Mr. Lincolns brutal war of obliteration against our White Christian America, when it was a popular slogan amongst the Blue Belly Bayonet Weilding Bible Burning God Hating Heathen Hordes to chant the Political Dogma
Vote the way you Shot!
as a way to advocate that folks support the GOP part, or else, that such simplistic ideologically naivety from the failed liberal era prior to 09/11/2001 will just not do for the modern KulturKampf and the Great Heroic War Heroes of the KulturKampf!!!

Instead americans need to ask themselves,
Am i really the sort of vile and viciously brutal sicko wacko leftist liberal god hating america basher who would bayonet White Christian Innocent Virgin Blonde Blue Eyed Teenage Girls in cute little high school uniforms for stricktly domestic political gain?
If the answer is yes, then go ahead, vote for the Demonic Cloven Hoved Spawn of the Burning Sulphorous Pits of Gehenna!!!

Otherwise back Great Leader!!! Because Great Leader is GREAT!!! and he understands the importance of saving the additional costs of a bullet for when it is really worth the expense!!! and if all one is doing is irradicating leftist leaning liberals and their EVIL AND SINISTER Constitutionalist Dogma of raising up the US Constitution as Greater than the Divine Word Of Great Leader!!!! Then the Sheer Joy of Bayonetting Those Dogs is itself all the compensation a True American will ever need.

So Remember Boys and Girls, as the time comes to go to the State Security Apparatus Facility where you will be advised by modern technology what your vote was, and/or whether you should report to an Infestation Irradication Facility, the most important thing on your Mind should be to vote the way you would Bayonet!!! OR ELSE!!!!

All Hail Great Leader...

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