drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

got Christianists???

While the term christianist still stikes me as 'odd' - it is clearly better than the older "Theo-Con", as that term left the illusion that the 'theology' was the point.

The tragedy in the process is that 'theology' requires a level of reasoning that fundamentally the Christianists Oppose out of hand.

So the real challenge is to deal with the Underlying Theology of "no Mind" and "blind obedience" and the mythological remaking of america based upon a false history of what the old days was like.

This is not, as the christinists would pretend, a fight between the forces of "good" on one side, and the ModernSeXularHumanists on the other, this is a fight between Authoritarian WingBattery on one side who want to Gut not merely the American Constitution to create their own White Christian America, but that they are also willing to Gut the Bible to get there by any means neccessary.

Folks may want to become very familiar with the "german christian" movement that was the cause of the rise of the "confessional church" in German as it's counter balance. Since, gosh, gollly, gee Whiz Kids we are getting that "American Christinists" here in the good Old USofA and they are as committed to the maintenance of their White Christian America as ever!!!

Be a Part of the Solution, OR you Are A Part of the Problem!!!
Tags: religion, war

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