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I was brutally and viciously reminded of the Grand And Glorious 80's this morning - and that He Man Manly Male Masculine Witticism that the qool kids used to country Jimmy Carter, and his call to energy independence as "The Moral Equivolent Of War". And who can forget how all of those Young Republicans Rushed Right In, following Reagan, and Won the Stunning Military Brilliant Total Victory over the iranian flying saucers.

Well didn't they? Clearly if one is going to make cat noises about MoralEquivolentOfWar and the need to be more Butcher than the next, then gosh, golly, gee Whiz!!! They really didn't just sit there and not win total victory over the iranian flying saucers....

Tell me it isn't So...

Or should I say, gosh, golly, gee whiz. It should surprise anyone that once the VOCHAS abandoned the notion of a moral equivolent of 'war' that they had painted themselves into their little psycho corner, where everything is war, or it is all peace. And the later we all know is the land of draft dodgers, dope smokes, latent heterosexuals who would prefer playing with their pet pair of Mammaries rather than patching up "your friend the sucking chest wound, as the side effect of low velocity shrapnel..."

And if there is ANYTHING we just have to stop in our life time!!! It is that EVIL of Latent HeteroSexuality so that everyone everywhere can enjoy the total love and freedom that comes with Total War Totally Every Day In Every Way!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Will Prevent Peace From Breaking Out!!!
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