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Today In Post Surrealism

On the Fox side, you have Americans who believe it is morally right to create and then destroy in research life in pursuit of curing terrible afflictions. The Limbaugh side says it is morally wrong to interfere with nature and terminate a potential human being, even in its initial stages.

Now it all comes down to what you believe. Nobody can win the debate. You either believe life begins at conception or you don't. And the polls say Americans are about equally divided on the issue.

But things get even more complicated when you see tragedies like Christopher Reeve and Michael J. Fox right before your eyes. I mean, who doesn't want these people cured? I'm sure Mr. Fox believes he is doing the absolute right thing in demanding that embryonic stem cell research go forward and I know Mr. Limbaugh believes he is doing the absolute right thing in objecting to the destruction of potential human beings.

{ cf FoxNews: The Truth About Michael J. Fox and Rush Limbaugh ]
Ok, so Stem Cell Research is about Brutally MURDERING PEOPLE!!!

And this is why Such Great War Heroes Like Rush Limbaugh are not talking about the Issue that Stem Cell Research IS BRUTALLY MURDERING PEOPLE, but rather he attacks the Messenger....


And to Think Glorious Great War Hero Bill O'Reilly is being the Moderating Voice in this exchange between Peace Loving Rush Limbaugh and the Radical Left Wing Extremists Genoicadal Manic Michael J. Fox who wants to BRUTALLY MURDER PEOPLE!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Is Greatly Leading Us Unto the Bright New Day In The Post Surrealist World!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!

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